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Welcome to Indiaforum.Org

"" is a group of like minded individuals interested in India and topics that are of interest to Indians, both resident and non-resident Indians. We help each other by sharing information, views and ideas. We also engage in quality discussions on a variety of topics that are of interest to us. Sometimes we may agree on issues, and other times we may "agree to disagree". But we ensure that all discussions are conducted in a civilized manner and with respect to each other.

To facilitate this mission, we maintain a couple of mailing lists like discuss, humor etc. Please click the link below to see the list of mailing lists.

We invite you to join us, by subscribing to the mailing lists that are of interest to you. The subscriptions are free. Your privacy is protected since you are providing only your email address to us. We will not sell or exchange your email address to anyone. We also ensure that you do not receive any spam emails through these mailing lists.

Click here to view or join the mailing lists.

We also have a large amount of useful information and links on various other topics that may interest you. Check them out and come back if you like it.

Listen to Indian National Anthem, by clicking here OR on the Indian National Flag above.

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